Welcome to our new website!

Aalto Online Learning
Welcome to our new website!

To start off 2019, we published our brand new website. In this post you will find information about all the new features and content found on our website. Read more and find out what has changed!

We want our website to be full of useful information for interested visitors, as well as for prospective and current pilots. Unfortunately, our old website could not keep up with the development of the project, which we took as an opportunity for improvement. Through the redesign we want to make sure that all relevant information can be found easily. Keeping our main website visitors and their needs in mind during the design process helped us to create an improved site structure and more useful and useable website content.

The new website was also designed to be in line with our visual image. During the last year, and thanks to our former designer Parvati Pillai, our project developed a distinct and recognisable visual style, which has been used in all our communication material and channels, except for our website. The redesign finally gave us the chance to harmonise our overall look and create a more cohesive visual identity.

One of the most important new features on the site is the filtering feature on the Pilots page. Want to see all pilots in the School of Business? No problem. The page still lists all our previous and current pilots, however, now you can filter the list based on theme groups, schools or years. We also revised the way we collect pilot information, giving website visitors more and better information about the individual pilots and their progress.

Aside from the pilot information, we have added improved content all over the website. The About page now includes a detailed description of the project and what we do. Also, we added a new page describing the process of suggesting a pilot. This page collects all information about proposing a pilot idea, from initial ideas to submission and funding.

We want to thank Parvati Pillai, who made the initial designs for the interface, and Lisa Staudinger, who developed and polished the designs further, and Joaquín Aldunate, our programmer responsible for developing the WordPress theme. At this point we also want to recognise the great work of the rest of the Aalto Online Learning team, who worked hard to make the website launch as smooth as possible.

Now go on, check out the new features!