Changing educational cultures

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Aalto Online Learning was established first as a strategic educational development project that pioneers online and blended learning experiences at Aalto University. It was one of Aalto University’s joint strategic initiatives in the field of education for 2016-2020. Aalto Online Learning aspires to develop, explore and evaluate a variety of online and blended approaches for teaching and learning. Now as of 2021 we are being established as Aalto Online Learning lab, with strong both Aalto-wide collaboration and international collaboration (like via UNITE! and its seven partner universities).

What we do

At Aalto Online Learning, we support programme directors, teachers, university management and staff in developing technical solutions and pedagogical models for online/blended learning. Through our semiannual Call for Idea Proposals we make it possible for all members of Aalto University to put forward innovative ideas and receive funding to realise their projects. Furthermore, we organise workshops and events to share experiences and best practices about online/blended learning within and outside our community. This way we actively foster a strong support network at the university.

As a part of our activities to support online learning, we offer help with

  • Video production: training and support for producing educational videos
  • 360° / VR production: tools and support for creating immersive experiences for and about courses
  • Visual materials: support for helping teachers revise, evaluate and plan visual material for teaching and presentations
  • Learning experience design: The LXD Clinic offers individual sessions for the pilots of the Aalto Online Learning development initiative to develop and improve pilot plans and concepts and evaluate them from a learning experience perspective.

In addition, we organise workshops on various other topics to train teachers and students in online learning subjects.

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in Aalto Online Learning. You can, for example, propose a pilot idea, participate in our events or join us as a collaborator. We encourage all Aalto University members (teachers, professors, staff, students, etc.) to contribute.

Curious and want to know more? Contact us directly or visit one of our events.

About the project

Aalto Online Learning was launched in 2016 with the vision of reforming the educational culture at Aalto University. Within three years the project grew from involving just nine pilots in a few departments to over 120 pilots from all over the university. Currently, our pilots involve more than 150 people and have improved around 150 courses.

Through our work we strive to achieve the following five goals:

  1. A coaching network of teachers focused on creating online learning contents, methods and tools
  2. Annually around 50 pilots
  3. A core set of platforms supported and developed by internal and external experts
  4. Online guidebooks and intensive workshops about pedagogical models, online platforms and tools
  5. Tested concepts for using educational settings and supporting the learning of teachers

Read more about the results of the project (by 2020) in “Designing Digital Higher Education: Case Aalto Online Learning” by Tomi Kauppinen, Yulia Guseva and Sara Gottshalk, and about original goals and vision in “Aalto Online Learning – a pathway to reforming education at the Aalto University” by Tomi Kauppinen & Lauri Malmi.


Meet our core team

Tomi Kauppinen
Tomi Kauppinen Head, Aalto Online Learning tomi.kauppinen@aalto.fi
Jennifer Greb
Jennifer Greb MSc Thesis Worker / Immersive Media jennifer.greb@aalto.fi
Photo of Yulia Guseva
Yulia Guseva Video Producer yulia.guseva@aalto.fi