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Here you can find answers to some of our most asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, send us your question and we’ll get back to you!

Pilot proposals
Our services
Tools and equipment

Pilot proposals

How can I propose new pilot ideas?

You can submit your idea during our semiannual Call for Idea Proposals. More information about the process here.

Our services / Can I get help with…?

How can I hold a workshop/talk/lecture for the Aalto Online Learning network?

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge about online learning or present a service/tool, contact us and we can advertise your event to our network. We ask you to send us the following information at least 1 month before your event: title of the event, date, place, short description and a picture (size: 1140 x 380 px, 150 ppi). The picture should not contain much text, maybe the event name but nothing more.

If we do not get all this information in time, we cannot guarantee advertising your event or any attendance.

I need some help with my videos. Where can I get help with that?

You can book an appointment in a video production clinic. You can find all upcoming clinics on our Event page.

I want to produce 360° / VR material. Can I get help with that?

We offer tools and support for 360° / VR production. We can help you get started with the gear so you will be able to work on your own. 

Tools and equipment

Where can I find services and tools offered by ICT for Learning (OPIT) and IT Services?

You can find information on supported e-learning platforms and information systems at http://opit.aalto.fi/

Can I borrow equipment, such as video cameras or tablets, for preparing online learning materials?

See Aalto Takeout for borrowing equipment.


I want to shoot videos. Where and how can I do that?

You can use a software called Panopto for recording videos. If you want to do simple teaching videos, this is the easiest way to create and implement them in your courses. Panopto is a cloud-based multimedia capture and distribution solution used for recording (‘capturing’) lectures, presentations, screencasts, etc. and it can be used from any laptop and can easily be integrated into MyCourses. You can find instructions on how to use it at https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/OPIT/Panopto

If you want to shoot your videos in a studio, there is one at the Learning Centre. More information on the Studio hereIf your project is more complex and you need help with it, Aalto Online Learning also has an agreement with Aalto Studios. Pilots can get technical support and equipment from Aalto Studios for free.

How can I do…?

  • Automatic assessment of mathematics and programming exercises: MyCourses supports automatic assessment of exercises. Some of our pilots also use and support the following platforms for automatic assessment: TIM, A+ and STACK.
  • Quizzes and digital exams: MyCourses offers a simple way to implement digital exams and assessments. For example by using the Exam (Quiz) or Assignment activity, you can create a wide variety of online exams, including bring your own device (BYOD) digital exams for classroom use, and many other online digital assessments for your needs.
  • Open education: You can host online courses open to the public on Aalto OpenLearning or mooc.aalto.fi. ICT for Learning team offers consultation and support for Aalto staff interested in creating open educational resources and open online courses.

If you need help with the learning systems mentioned above, ICT for Learning team (OPIT) offers support. Read more here.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Send us your question and we’ll get back to you!