Kick-starting our 2019 pilots

Aalto Online Learning
Aalto Online Learning Kick-start event guests sitting in the Väre meeting room and listening to speakers with laptops and coffee cups on the tables.

On Thursday March 14, we organised a kick-start event for our new 2019 pilots. We invited all members of our new pilots to get to know Aalto Online Learning and each other in a casual environment. The event acted as an orientation for the pilots to start their work.

The kick-start began with introduction of Aalto Online Learning. We shared some relevant information and principles of Aalto Online Learning and presented our weekly clinics and video production support. After this, the new pilots introduced their initial ideas and expectations for their pilot.

The introductions were followed by discussions related to our pilot themes and sharing previous experiences. Participants could talk with others interested in doing similar things in their pilots, as well as with people doing something completely different to learn new.

This type of casual networking events are very important for Aalto Online Learning to be able to build our community. Relaxed atmosphere, coffee and cupcakes provided a nice set-up for the event. More get-togethers coming up in the future!