Aalto Online Learning nominated for Hacking Higher Education finals!

Aalto Online Learning
Hacking Higher Education Finland logo.

Aalto Online Learning has been nominated to be one of the 12 Hacking Higher Education Finland finalists! The finals are held in Dare to Learn learning festival at Korjaamo on Friday 20 September at 14.

Aalto Online Learning is thrilled to present the work we have made in Aalto University to co-develop online and blended learning methods with our fantastic pilots.

​Hacking Higher Education (HHE) Finland is a competition for developers of higher education to share their practices & showcase their innovativeness.

HHE aims to create and reward solutions made for developing higher education services. The solutions should tackle a specific challenge with clear stakeholders. The possible stakeholder groups are students, alumni, staff or companies.

The initiatives will be judged based on the following criteria:

1.  Identifying a valid challenge in higher education services
​2.  Effectiveness of the solution
3.  Novelty of the solution
4.  Scalability of the solution

Choosing the winner is done by the audience of Dare to Learn and voting for one’s own favorite is possible for everyone already one week prior to the event itself. We hope to see you in the audience, so make sure to purchase your ticket to this year’s Dare to Learn here!

Dare to Learn is the biggest learning event in Northern Europe and it is held from 19 to 20 September, in Korjaamo, Helsinki.

We are humbled to be one of the finalists of HHE Finland 2019, thank you Dare to Learn and see you on Friday 20!