Cloud Reachers podcast S02E03 with Sabba N. Quidwai

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Cloud Reachers podcast S02E03 with Sabba N. Quidwai

Cloud Reachers Podcast S02E03 is on the air! Tomi Kauppinen was joined by Sabba N. Quidwai who shared her story and insights about design thinking, online learning and dream school. The episode was recorded prior to Covid-19 pandemia, but now the topics are more timely than ever. Give the episode a listen via SoundCloud.

Sabba wants to live in a world driven by empathy. Her mission is to work with organizations to use design thinking to design places of learning that create passionate and curious life long learners ready to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities today’s world has to offer.
As a doctoral student in the Global Executive EdD program at the University of Southern California, her research focus is how design thinking can prepare individuals with the mindset and skillset to thrive in a rapidly changing world.