Interview to a Danish webinar about online-based entrepreneurship education

Aalto Online Learning
Text: Webinar about online education for entrepreneurship - the unexplored possibilities.

Tomi Kauppinen was interviewed on Digital learning in entrepreneurship – experiences from Aalto university in a webinar about online-based entrepreneurship education, organised by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship on June 11th, 2020.

Comment from Tomi about joining the webinar:

“I have to say that the webinar was fantastically organised, and had a very nice rhythm between different activities. It was a pleasure and big honour to be interviewed about our experiences on digital learning in entrepreneurship, and at the same time learn a lot from all fantastic presentations and breakout group discussions and challenges. 

I would like to share seven key observations of what made the webinar a success:

  1.  It used the idea of a max 15 min attention span and had presentations, case studies, and learning from colleagues nicely orchestrated into a full two hour online experience
  2.  The webinar also had a clear focus on digital entrepreneurship education, and crucial competences, mindset, ideas and activities for it
  3.  The webinar provided good practices for organising online education, and evidence backing up choice of practices
  4.  The webinar clearly promised participants to ‘strengthen your entrepreneurial learning space and startup service offers’ and delivered that
  5.  The roles for members in breakout sessions were clearly defined
  6.  There was a feeling of excitement brought by chance (the “Dice Challenge”)
  7.  The webinar had very experienced facilitators.

My sincere thanks to Line Gry KnudsenKåre Moberg and the whole Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship for inviting me to both share our experiences and learn from their work! Please also check their guidance for breakout sessions, as you can evidence it was super well and insightfully prepared, just excellent work.”

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is the national knowledge centre and focal point for the development of entrepreneurship teaching at all educational levels. (DFFE)