Learning with AI Challenge at DigiEduHack 2020

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Author: Tomi Kauppinen

We are happy to announce that our Aalto Online Learning team will host and organise Learning with AI challenge at this year’s DigiEduHack 2020! Check the event page, circulate the message in your circles and sign up today.


What is Learning with AI challenge? 

Goals and outcomes

We call for solutions that respond to the challenge of Learning with AI at DigiEduHack 2020.

What will be the role of human and the role for AI in learning? How do you see AI can better serve us in COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 worlds? What skills or types of thinking will be needed and how AI can support us to learn them?

In solutions the teams need to clearly communicate who is the target group, why AI works for a given learning objectives, how the solution would work, and also outline the limitations and needed future steps for bringing the idea to reality.

We evaluate the outcomes by using three main criteria (based on Aalto University’s cross-cutting approaches in its living strategy):

1) how radically creative the solution is (novelty, out-of-the-box thinking), 2) evidence of entrepreneurial mindset in creating the solution (user/customer-orientation, ideas to scale up the solution), 3) sustainability (like how the solution supports one or more of the UN sustainable development goals).

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

We expect sketches and prototypes of chat bots, recommender systems and other ways of utilizing AI in learning.

Available support

We provide a team of experts in online and digital learning, and in artificial intelligence and information visualization.

Sign up to the Learning with AI challenge! How to make best use of AI for learning new skills, attitudes, values or new kinds of thinking? Possible AI solutions could be chatbots, recommendation systems or something completely different, you tell us!