New short video series on Educational Video Production

Aalto Online Learning
Figure showing Yulia Guseva and main concepts of the video production: pre-production, concept, script, locations, crew and equipment

Aalto Online Learning has launched a new short video series on Educational Video Production with Yulia Guseva

Yulia has been working in the field of educational video production for 6+ years and she is eager to share her insights and practical tips with you. 

This series is designed for 

1. educators who are creating their videos for the first time and need help to get started 

2. educators who have made some videos before but would like to learn more about best practices and enhance their video production skills

In this series of videos we will look into the video production process and explore what happens at each stage. We will draw your attention to common pitfalls and highlight key elements needed to make a successful video. 

Our assumption is that you shoot your videos either with the help of a videographer or in a self-service studio so we will not cover the technical details of camera & lights setup and editing.

Here is a sneak peek for you