Social design in rapid digital transformation

Aalto Online Learning
Picture showing two persons, one with laptop and other with notebook

We are happy to announce new master’s thesis collaboration. Bilen Gerawork from Media Lab of Aalto University School of Arts is doing her thesis with the focus on social design in rapid digital transformation. Here is how Bilen describes her thesis project and motivation for it:

“Online learning has been a major way of teaching learning mechanisms for quite some time now. However, online learning has been basically the main way of teaching and the only way to many since March 2020 due to the covid19 pandemic. Therefore, there have been transitional difficulties for many as somethings are hard to do on a remote basis.

Challenges arise of the online learning arrangement. Of all the challenges such as access to labs and other facilities there is another important layer of a challenge that students are facing. That is social life. Social element of university is an important behavioral entity for human beings. People get to suffer in their mental health and other wellbeing.

Therefore the project ‘social design in rapid digital transformation’ focuses on how we could navigate at addressing the social layer of university life in online learning. It explores and assess solutions suggested by students and take those points and integrate them to design principles to get an outcome the students might benefit from.”

Would you like to help in the thesis project, for instance by introducing the new designs – developed in her thesis – in your course and helping to evaluate them? Let us know!