Aalto Online Learning mentioned in Teaching and Learning Evaluation Exercise – TEE 2020: Project Report

Aalto Online Learning
abstract figure showing people engaged with online learning in different ways

Author: Tomi Kauppinen

In March 2021 Aalto University published Teaching and Learning Evaluation Exercise – TEE 2020: Project Report (Rontu, 2021). Here we would raise two quotes from the report that made our day:

Aalto has responded well to the remote teaching challenges presented by the global pandemic. This was evident in interviews with students and staff, as Aalto made optimal use of its contemporary facilities and strong support services (e.g. Aalto Online Learning) and engaged faculty to meet the unexpected demands.

Rontu, 2021

and also the following:

Aalto Online Learning represents an excellent resource for faculty members to explore, expand develop materials for online and blended learning. In a relatively short space of time, it has managed to engage many faculty in pilot projects. This initiative is consistent with the university’s ambition to “educate game changers” and is likely to be pivotal to capturing sustained value from the varied teaching responses to the pandemic.

Rontu, 2021

Big thanks to our fantastic pilot leaders, pilot project groups, stakeholders (like Aalto Student Union, all Aalto schools and university leadership), outstanding members of the Aalto Online Learning core team, and our awesome master’s thesis students for together getting prepared for the future of learning.

Please check the full project report for reading more:

Heidi Ronty (Editor). Teaching and Learning Evaluation Exercise – TEE 2020: Project Report, Aalto University publication series CROSSOVER, 3/2021,