A!OLE Video Production Process

  • Yulia Guseva
Thursday 15 Feb
A!OLE Video Production Process

A!OLE Video Production Process

Thursday, 15 Feb 2018 11:00 - 12:00 Makerspace, Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9 Otaniementie 9 Public event

Invited speaker for A!OLE Forum on February 15, 2018:
Yulia Guseva, video production theme leader for A!OLE Aalto Online Learning

Abstract: When people start producing educational videos, they tend to think that all the work happens in the studio. However, to create a successful online course, it is crucial to realise what happens at each stage of the process: pre-production, production and post-production. In this talk Yulia Guseva will present an overview of the video production process, give you some tips and also tell about A!Ole workshops that can help you at each stage. The talk is especially targeted for those people who would like to create an online course or are just starting their pilot project within A!OLE – Aalto Online Learning.

Short bio: Yulia has been working as an online course producer for Aalto and EIT Digital in the field of Innovation & Entrepreneurship since 2014. In the A!OLE project she is leading the video production theme where we support teachers in developing an online course or producing videos through a series of workshops and individual support. 

A!OLE Forum is a series of open events organised by Aalto Online Learning project. The talks in the A!OLE Forum are 30 min, followed by 30 min discussion.