Automatic and Continuous Assessment Workshop

  • Mikko Inkinen
  • Ari Korhonen
  • Viivi Virtanen
Thursday 03 May
Automatic and Continuous Assessment Workshop

Automatic and Continuous Assessment Workshop

Thursday, 03 May 2018 14:00 - 16:00 Deloitte, U119 Otakaari 1 Public event

The Automatic Assessment Workshop will provide tips and tools to get rid of final exams and instead to use automatic and continuous assessment during your courses. Learn how to apply online assessment to grade each of the several course assignments and how to give constructive and timely feedback on learning.

Ari Korhonen has an extensive experience in online teaching and learning in the context of computer science education. His current work is concerned with software tools and principles in the area of automatic assessment systems. He also acts as an instructor and teacher for several courses in SCI.

Mikko Inkinen, a study psychologist, and Viivi Virtanen, an expert in learning and teaching in higher education, have both researched themes concerning student learning. They are both currently working in Aalto’s AllWell?-team concerning students’ study wellbeing. The job, e.g., includes developing how students get more timely feedback on learning while teachers’ workload must not increase.

See you at the workshop on May 3rd at room U119 Otakaari 1!