Experiences with online exams for C programming course

  • Pasi Sarolahti
  • Jussi Hietanen
  • Lari Alakukku
Wednesday 21 Nov
Experiences with online exams for C programming course

Experiences with online exams for C programming course

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018 14:00 - 16:00 Johanna, Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 Public event

ELEC-A7100 Basic Course in C programming” is a large programming course with about 700 students annually. The course is conducted using online materials and assignments that are automatically assessed by an online system called TIM. While continuous assessment and feedback is important on such course, it is also important to verify that the student individually and personally has achieved the learning goals of the course. This can be done using exams. However, traditional paper exam not only consumes large volumes of paper on a mass course, is also particularly unsuitable for a programming course, where development and testing is important part of the work.

During a A!OLE pilot in 2018 we have experimented with three exam platforms for the C programming course: organising the exam in a computer class room using school computers, the exam aquarium space at Harald Herlin, and a system that allows doing the exam on student’s own laptop using a bootable USB stick. The latter was developed in the project, because we needed a solution that scales better for mass courses with hundreds of students, and can be arranged e.g. in lecture halls.

I this workshop we will share our experiences so far, and demostrate the exam system in C course, and discuss our plans for the future, e.g. relating to other courses. Then we would be happy to discuss ideas related to online exams, and their further development.