Learning Experience Design Clinic

  • Aalto Online Learning
  • Sara Gottschalk
Thursday 13 Feb
Learning Experience Design Clinic

Learning Experience Design Clinic

Thursday, 13 Feb 2020 14:00 - 15:45 Arttu, Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 Event for pilots Sign up here

The Learning Experience Design Clinic offers individual sessions for talking over, evaluating and improving your course within the Aalto Online Learning development initiative from a design and learning experience perspective. These clinics will run weekly throughout the spring 2020 on Thursdays and Fridays. Check the schedule below for February.

We will look at

  • the overall learning experience provided for your learners, or specific aspects of it,
  • possible hurdles in the experience and how to fix them,
  • existing (visual) teaching material and how it affects the experience,
  • the planned blend of online / offline elements for your course,
  • any other elements in your pilot concept that are design and experience related.

In the clinic, we may also reflect on what makes a great learning experience and look at what tools are available for designing them. We shall consider different types of learners, how they might experience your pilot and how we can possibly include all of them.

Most of all, we want to help you create memorable learning for your students and for yourself, as joy and passion in what we do inspires others and allows us to create meaningful connections with the learning content and the people around us. These memorable experiences can come from the online and/or offline parts of the course and can be created with any resources you have available. Often it is the small things that make a big difference in how your learners will experience what you have prepared, and if it will stick.

On every Thursday (14:00-14:45 and 15:00-15:45) and Friday (09:30-10:15 and 10:30-11:15) throughout the spring 2020.

Harald Herlin Learning Centre, meeting room Arttu (1st floor).

Please notice!
Please bring material you would like to discuss during the session, and optimally share it beforehand to the email below. You can bring slides, sketches, simulations, learning paths or any other materials which will help to understand your concept and plans. Please also share beforehand if you have any special questions. Send your material with the subject line “Learning Experience Design Clinic” to: sara.gottschalk@aalto.fi.