Learning Experience Design Clinic (via Zoom)

  • Aalto Online Learning
  • Sara Gottschalk
Friday 05 Jun
Learning Experience Design Clinic (via Zoom)

Learning Experience Design Clinic (via Zoom)

Friday, 05 Jun 2020 09:30 - 11:15 Event for pilots Sign up here


The Learning Experience Design Clinic offers individual sessions for the pilots of the Aalto Online Learning development initiative.

During the clinic, we may discuss your pilot plans and concepts and evaluate them from a learning experience perspective. We can discuss ideas, improvement possibilities and how to implement them.

For that, we can look at

  • your planned blend of online / offline elements
  • potential problems for you and the students
  • (visual) teaching material
  • any other elements in your pilot that are design and experience related and that you’d like to discuss.

You can also come with specific questions and challenges you are having and we’ll try to find solutions together.

The main aim with this clinic is to help you create memorable learning experiences for your students and for yourself (as joy and passion in what we do inspires others). These learning experiences can be designed, for example through the online and/or offline parts of the course, and can be created with any resources available. Want to give it a try?


The clinic continues to run weekly throughout the spring of 2020 on Thursdays and Fridays. Check the schedule and sign up for a 45min slot via the red button on the left.


Due to the special circumstances, the clinic will take place via Zoom. We’ll be in touch before your booked time.

Please notice!

Please share materials that you’d like to discuss beforehand. These materials can be slides, simulations, learning paths or any other materials that will help to understand your plans and concepts. If you have special questions, please share them too.

Send your materials/questions with the subject line “LXD Clinic” to sara.gottschalk@aalto.fi.