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Wednesday 22 May
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Learning@Aalto – Assessment for Lifelong Learning

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 11:00 - 16:00 A Grid Otakaari 5 Public event Sign up here

Warmly welcome to this Spring’s Learning@Aalto event focusing on Assessment for Lifelong Learning! The event is open for all Aalto people who feel enthusiastic about learning and assessment practices.

Preliminary programme:

  • 11.00-12.00 Lunch
  • 12.00-12.45 Keynotes & panel discussion (Jeti)
    • Redefining assessment for the future / Johanna Rämö & Jokke Häsä, University of Helsinki
    • Learning as a lifestyle – how to find your way to become a lifelong learner? / Henna Pursiainen, Dare to Learn 
  • 13.00-14.15 Workshops*
  • 14.30-15.00 Lightning Talks (Mordor)
  • 15.00-16.00 Networking & Cocktails (Mordor)


Workshop 1: Assessment in MyCourses: rubrics and peer assessment, Host: Anni Rytkönen, Aalto Learning Services OPIT

  • Come and learn more on how to benefit from MyCourses in assessment: we provide workshops a) in how to use peer-assessment with the help of the Workshop activity and b) in how to easily provide students with detailed feedback on their achievement with the help of rubrics in the Assignment activity. If you have a rubric, assignments or other material useful, take it with you, and remember to take your laptop as well.

Workshop 2: Discuss with other teachers: How to get rid of final exams? Hosts: Ville Jokinen (CHEM), Kirsi Yliniemi (CHEM), Kirsikka Riekkinen (ENG), Natalia Lastovets (ENG),  Jaakko Siltaloppi (SCI ), Imran Asghar (SCI), Meri Kuikka (Aaltonaut), Viivi Virtanen (Aalto)

  • Come and meet teachers who have developed assessment practices at various courses. In the workshop you can discuss, see exemplars, share good practices, and consider student feedback. Hence, what is assessment for lifelong learning in practice. How to evaluate poster presentation? How can peer feedback be valid and reliable? How to evaluate the process in addition to the final product? Rubric is a document that articulates the expectations for an assignment by listing the criteria, while it clarifies the standards for a quality performance. How to construct your own rubrics for assessment? Join the workshop! Ask, discuss, get a toolbox.

Workshop 3: How to assess entrepreneurial learning and teaching? Host: Elena Ruskovaara, D.Sc. (Econ.), Associate professor, Director of Entrepreneurship Education, LUTUniversity, Docent, University of Oulu. Elena Ruskovaara has been an active researcher on practices, assessment and management of entrepreneurship education. She also coordinates several national and international entrepreneurship education projects. Workshop is held in cooperation with the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

  • Welcome to an interactive workshop which includes a short briefing about entrepreneurial teaching and group discussions. In this workshop you´ll get an insight on entrepreneurial teaching and learning and how to assess them. Further, you’ll get to know HEInnovate, a self-assessment tool for higher education institutions wishing to explore their entrepreneurial and innovative potential.

Workshop 4: Vision for future digital assessment of and for learning, Host: Venla Virtakoivu, Aalto

  • How do you feel about assessment of and for learning in digitalized world? How it is executed at the moment in your perspective? Are the assessment methods and tool clear and easy to use? How would you like to be assessed? Do you prefer exam, self assessment or peer assessment? Do you rather trust individual (home)assignments that shows your own learning achievements or is an exam a must to have instrument? Come and share your thoughts and take a break by brainstorming new ways to assess learning!  You can pop-in and -out to the workshop during 13-14.15 according your own schedule. Hope to see you there!

Workshop 5: Teaching Hub, Hosts: Specialists at the Learning services, Learning IT team

  • Come and ask how to benefit from online environments in assessing students’ skills and knowledge. E-learning specialists are available for you in the Teaching Hub which is organized as part of the Learning@Aalto.

Workshop 6: Assessment and student well-being, Host: AllWell? Sara Rönkkönen

  • […] Often, feedback consists mainly of scores obtained from exam assignments. Learning and learning development do not happen when the feedback is scarce and one’s own learning is not being reflected […].” SCI, Bachelor’s student. What is the connection between student well-being and assessment? How may the alignment of teaching and assessment practices support the experienced wellbeing of students? Warmly welcome to hear what our students have said about the topic (new AllWell? study well-being questionnaire results) and attend an interactive workshop.

Please note that the programme is subject to change. The most up-to-date information can be found on this page.

Learning@Aalto is organized to the Aalto community as a joint effort by the strategic initiatives in the field of learning.