Monthly Studio Day

  • Aalto Online Learning
Thursday 27 Aug
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Monthly Studio Day

Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 13:30 - 16:00 Mini studio, Harald Herlin Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 Public event Sign up here

Join our Monthly Studio Day on Thursday, 27 August! Here you can book a time and come to shoot videos for your Aalto Online Learning pilot.

The shooting will take place in Mini Studio, Learning Center where it is possible to have white, black or green screen backgrounds. Aalto Studios will take care of shooting and editing. You can contact Yulia Guseva for further inquiries.

Please note that during one studio day one pilot can book max. 1 time slot. The studio days are applicable to the 2nd video production category with a small crew. 

Remember to start developing your scripts well in advance, i.e. one month beforehand, so you have enough time for creative process and iterations. Practice shows that pre-production phase usually takes most of the time in the video production process, and people tend to allocate less time to it than needed. So take your time for this!

We have five studio days during the fall 2020 (27 August, 3 September, 16 September, 1 October, and 20 October), so you can choose the most suitable day(s) for you. Each studio day will have a separate event and a registration form.

If you would like to do video production with Aalto Studios before the regular studio days start, or if you need a different setup for your production (company videos, outdoor, Kallio Stage, etc), make sure to contact them two months before the preliminary shooting day. By doing this we ensure that Aalto Studios have enough time to make necessary arrangements with the crew, location and equipment.

Please note that due to the covid-19 situation we have limited amount of the studio days this fall. We want to ensure participants’ safety during the studio days; hand sanitiser and face masks are provided by us, please also keep safe distance to fellow participants in the studio space.

Otherwise, happy recordings!