VR & 360 Clinic

  • Jere Savolainen
Wednesday 20 Mar
VR & 360 Clinic

VR & 360 Clinic

Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019 12:00 - 14:00 VR Hub, Harald Herlin Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 Public event


The VR & 360° Clinic offers help for education related virtual reality and 360° photo/video projects. This is an open walk-in event, no registration needed. During the sessions, you have the possibility to talk about your projects with our expert, or simply explore different VR and 360° techniques. Based on your needs we can also arrange individual sessions specifically for your project.

Examples of 360° support:

  • How-to’s for using 360° cameras & editing 360° video material
  • Introduction to creating 360° videos, 360° photos, and 360° maps
  • Help with adding additional content in your 360° material
  • Recommendations for platforms and tools
  • Showcasing exemplary 360° material

In special cases, we can also offer help with filming material.

Examples of VR support:

  • Recommendations on interaction and interface design in VR
  • Debugging of VR applications
  • Bringing your 3D models into VR so you can experience them in real scale
  • Showcasing exemplary VR material and applications

Please note that we don’t offer support for programming related issues such as using Unity or Unreal Engine.


The VR & 360° Clinic sessions are held in Harald Herlin Learning Centre in the VR Hub (K floor). The space is equipped with two computers with HTC Vive Pro and HTC Vive. Additionally, we provide an Oculus Rift, Insta360 Pro, and Insta360 One. Let us know if you need any other equipment for your session.

For further enquiries, help and questions, send an email with the subject line “VR & 360 Clinic” to jere.savolainen@aalto.fi.