VR Hub: Creating Sounds

  • Eero Tiainen
Wednesday 31 Oct
VR Hub: Creating Sounds

VR Hub: Creating Sounds

Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018 15:00 - 16:00 Vilho, Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 Public event

What kinds of audio experiences are there for VR? What is immersive sound design about? Can you create instruments with VR – something that has never been created before?

Bring your ears for this VR Hub sezzione for finding out what kind of soundscapes VR is able to form. We will be trying out what EXA: Infinite instrument sounds like. And going to visit hypeted SoundStage as well – it’s a VR music application that lets you arrange synthesizers, drums, speakers, and other equipment within the boundaries of your room, so you have a custom-built studio to make your own tunes.

VR Hub Sessions
* Free introductions for all students and teachers about different topics related to the virtual reality
* Session is held between 15-16.
* You can attend them all or pick the most suitable for you
* Location: room Vilho, 2nd floor in the Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9