Pilot case

Digital Orientation for new Aalto Students

Enhancing First Year Experience and attachment to studies by developing digital orientation materials for new students.
Digital Orientation for new Aalto Students

Pilot leader

Saara Maalismaa




Feb 2020 – Jun 2020


Background for the project

  • Growing amount of different incoming student groups during the year with different needs
  • Harmonizing student services for consistent quality
    • Digitalization and centralization means to better quality with less manual work and overlaps
  • Student wellbeing and commitment to studies
    • Meeting student expectations of an innovative and modern university

Aim of the project

Make the experience of incoming students better 

  • Facilitate better commitment to studies
  • Raise the satisfaction to studies and services
  • Change of focus from repetative advising to using resources for individual guidance

Content of the project

  1. Develop a 2.0 version of digital orientation material (in Into and MyCourses)
    1. Technical solutions
    2. Content
  1. Align digital orientation material with comms, schools and partners
    1. Prepare for future changes in platforms
    2. Hosting a FinFYE network meeting

Indicators for success

  1. Digital orientation in use for BA, MA and Exchange students in all schools (yes/no)
  2. ¾ of new students satisfied or very satisfied with digital orientation material (%)
  3. Schools willing to continue joint digital orientation (yes/no)
  4. Viable development plan (yes/no)

Platforms and tools

Into is the student guide in use. We use a variety of online learning tools included in the MyCourses platform.

Pedagogical methods

In the project we rely heavily on our research-based knowledge of study ability and of attachment to studies. By applying this knowledge to our materials for new students and combining blended learning approach for higher level of engagement we hope to achieve the goals of this project.


Saara Maalismaa
Learning Services
Pilot leader

Susanna Koistinen
Learning Services
Planning officer, Project manager

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