Pilot case

Interactive Tools for Online Learning

Improving lesson design, user-interaction and activity types in MyCourses.
A new activity type showcased on the A+ platform.

Pilot leader

Jan-Mikael Rybicki


Language Centre


over 1000 students




Aalto University students (at all levels) need more flexible learning opportunities to practice and improve their academic writing skills. However, the current selection of tools in MyCourses allow a very limited choice of interactive exercises (mainly multiple choice and gapfill), which do not support higher level of learning. The current technologies often prevent the creation of intuitive and pedagogically meaningful exercises and lesson designs, and updating the exercises is slow and error prone.

To address some of the problems listed above, this project aims to develop new activity types and/or modify the existing solutions in order to improve lesson designs, user-interaction, and automate feedback when possible. Such activity types include point-and-click, drag-and-drop, and a text field with pattern matching to enhance automated feedback.

Involved courses

LC-1110  – Online writing skills for engineers 1 (1 ECTS)
LC-1111 – Online writing skills for engineers 2 (1 ECTS)
Academic Writing in English (AWE), open material


Jan-Mikael Rybicki
Language Centre
Pilot leader

Markku Riekkinen
School of Science, Department of Computer Science
System developer: Astra plugin, ACOS activity types

Aisha Saeed
School of Science, Department of Computer Science
AWE migration

Petri Myllynen
Language Centre, Learning Services

Tapio Auvinen
School of Science, Department of Computer Science

Lassi Haaranen
Technology development

Teemu Sirkiä
Technology development

Teemu Lehtinen
Technology development

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