Pilot case

TOHTOS courses to Aalto Doctoral Candidates

Providing nationally jointly developed transferable skills courses for Aalto students.
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Pilot leader

Minna Söderqvist


Language Centre, School of Arts Design and Architecture, School of Business, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, School of Science


Jan 2020 – Aug 2020


The goal of this project is to open eight nationally jointly developed courses also to Aalto doctoral students. Courses are going to be available at findocnet.fi. The aim is to develop them further to be completely e-courses (now including a teacher).

Platforms and tools


Pedagogical methods

A lot of different ways used already in the material and hopefully also elaborated when the courses are changed from blended courses to e-courses.

Involved courses

LC-L1012 – Business skills for doctoral students (1 ECTS)

LC-L1013 – Career course for doctoral students (1 ECTS)

LC-L1014 – Interactive leadership skills for doctoral students (1 ECTS)

LC-L1015 – Project management for doctoral students (1 ECTS)

LC-L1016 – Writing research grant applications for doctoral students (1 ECTS)

LC-L1010 – Research Ethics for Doctoral Students (1 ECTS)

LC-L1011 – Open Science for Doctoral Students (1 ECTS)



Minna Söderqvist
Doctoral education services, LES-U
Pilot leader

Esa Salmio
Facilitator, MyCourses expert

Sonja Kniivilä
Faculty member

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