Pilot case

Burning Imaginations

Video tutorials for mould making and metal casting techniques for artists, designers, and engineers.
Metal casting.

Pilot leader

Andy Best-Dunkley


School of Arts Design and Architecture


20 students


2018 – May 2019


The Sculpture workshop, Center for General Studies, Dept. of Art, Aalto ARTS together with the Foundry, Mechanical Engineering, Aalto ENG, is developing a series of online tutorial videos combined with photo-image based teaching material, for the use of current and future students. This material acts as both online study material for existing students, and advertising “taster” material for prospective students, as well as effective advertising promotion for the university towards exchange students and international partners.

Aalto ENG foundry laboratory facilities offer excellent possibilities for casting metal alloys for small to medium scale projects. The Väre workshop have facilities for modelling, mold making, and preparation of work before proceeding to the foundry. The future aim is to develop interdisciplinary courses for students from across the university, as well as offering professional courses and services for people outside of Aalto University, such as professional artists, local museums and businesses.

Platforms and tools

The production is mainly concerned with producing online videos. We are therefore using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere. The pilot videos will be released on YouTube as well as internal Aalto University platforms.

Pedagogical methods

The videos will be used for course preparation, teaching and revision by both current, future and past students. As the material will be available to all via YouTube we hope they will act as promotional material for the university as well as ARTS and ENG degree programmes.

Involved courses

ARTS-E0400 – Advanced Metal Casting (3 ECTS)
ARTS-A0413 – Metal Casting 101 (3 ECTS)


Andy Best-Dunkley
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art, YoYo
Pilot leader

Kalle Jalava
School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Foundry
Foundry master

Juhani Orkas
School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Foundry technology

Roel Meijs
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Arts Infra, Sculpture Workshop
Workshop master

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