Name competition for a mobile app launched!

Aalto Online Learning
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Aalto Online Learning pilots Dynamic Course and Programme Level Feedback System and Design your Success! announce a name competition for a mobile application. The application is aimed for students and it works as an alternative interface for the similar functions in MyCourses. See more details below and participate by suggesting a name.

Description of functions and aims of the application

Main functionalities of the mobile application:

  • Student can see his/her current courses
  • Links to course page in MyCourses, Oodi and link to
  • Student can drill down to see topics taught on the course
  • On each topic, student can assess
    • Competence
    • Difficulty
    • Feeling
    • Write about his/her expectations on the topic
    • Notes on the topic
    • Reflections on the topic


This application is a kind of learning diary. In research literature these applications can be referred as structured learning diaries. Here, the study experience is collected from all participants of the course and the data is visualized (in MyCourses) to show all students how other students have reacted to the course topics, anonymously of course. This feedback can then be dynamically used to adapt teaching:

“Oh, seems my students didn’t really understand last week’s topic, maybe we should take a look at that again on next lecture”,

or adapt learning:

“Seems others didn’t have difficulties with this, maybe I should talk with friends and let them explain this to me”.

Our application has been called Dynamic Feedback System (DFS) or Visual Learning Diary (VLD) in different schools. “Feedback” word in the name seems to stray the focus from the main function: self-assessment and perhaps “Aalto University Visual Learning Diary” could be better. Or maybe it could be simply “Aalto University Course Diary”? What do you think?


There are two category prizes

  1. Grand prize of Aalto University products for ca. 50€. This prize is drawn among the name proposals that most closely influence to the end result of the name.
  2. Two Aalto University products, ca. 15€, drawn among all proposals.

Prizes need to be collected from Aalto University’s campus at Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland.


Name competition is open until 1 October 2020.

Participation link