Join our “Aalto Online Learning community” Microsoft Teams channel

Aalto Online Learning
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You are warmly invited to join the new “Aalto Online Learning community” Microsoft Teams channel.

This Teams channel is for all past and current Aalto Online Learning pilots. Last week’s first community fireside chat event was one new way to foster peer exchange and support within the Aalto Online Learning community (by the way, this event idea came directly from our community! :).  This Teams channel is now another way that shall provide you with the space to communicate and exchange ideas, best practices, interesting findings, and alike with other Aalto Online Learning pilot peers and us, in an easy, quick, and documented way.

You are invited to join the Aalto Online Learning community Team and ask your very practical and specific questions and find peers who have found answers already or are interested in exploring them together. Aalto Online Learning team members will be present, share news, and moderate where needed.

This is just the beginning. Only with you, this group can come to life and become a fruitful platform for everyone. Please share this with your pilot colleagues and let’s support each other in developing continuously improved online learning and teaching.