Philia wins our Learning with AI DigiEduHack2020 challenge

Aalto Online Learning
An illustrative banner image for the DigiEduHack winning team.

Don’t feel like online classes today? Speak with #Philia, study smarter not harder.

Last week, the DigiEduHack 2020 took place where we as Aalto Online Learning offered our challenge Learning with AI. The challenge was open for anyone in the world to join and feel inspired to think about how AI could be used in education and for learning. We are extremely proud to announce our challenge winner and share their amazing solution concept with you.

The winners are Belen Prado, Shivani Mehar, Huahua Tian, and Sirine Abid, congratulations! Their team’s solution will now compete in the global award competition where the DigiEduhack steering group assesses all winner solutions and chooses 10 to 12 finalist solutions. These 10 to 12 finalist solutions are then put up for a public vote, and the 3 solutions that get the most public votes are declared Global Winners. We wish team Philia all the best and most of luck!

Have a look at their full solution concept and the backgrounds of the team members here.

Philia: Fire up your learning inspiration with AI

The time for integrating emotion into e-learning with the help of AI has come. Based on anonymous real-time speech recognition in any e-learning setting, emotion AI will integrate, support and inspire students through personalized recommendations and supportive communication.