Pilot case

A! LC-Start

Introducing Learning Centre Start for first year students and new customers.
A! LC-Start

Pilot leader

Eila Rämö




circa 1500 per year


Apr 2017 – Dec 2017


The A! LC-Start introduces the Learning Centre resources and facilities with videos and offers an information retrieval game for students. The videos and games become part of course assignments especially in the “Basics in information retrieval” orientation courses that reach all new students (circa 1500 per year). We aim to ensure students’ early adoption of information resources and facilities available to them at Aalto (in a fun way!) to make a good start to their learning experience at Aalto (First-Year-Experience).

The learning material can also be used as a resource for flipped learning to help increase time available for teacher-student interaction. It is also easier for any teacher to present Learning Center to her/his students with the A! LC-Start material. The resulting game can also be used as a resource for anyone who needs to revise their knowledge and skills in information retrieval, at BA or MA levels.

The videos also provide a view into the Aalto’s new Learning Centre for all online visitors. This helps to maximize effective use and adoption of the Learning Centre space within Aalto community, and also presents a positive view for external visitors of Aalto’s co-created learning environments.

Involved courses

ARTS-A0103 – Akateemiset opiskelutaidot
CHEM-A100 – Korkeakouluopiskelijan ABC
ELEC-A0110 – Johdatus opiskeluun sähkötekniikan kandidaattiohjelmassa
ENG-A1004 – Orientaatio yliopisto-opintoihin insinööritieteissä
SCI-A0000 – Johdatus opiskeluun


Eila Rämö
Learning Centre
Pilot leader

Marika Sarvilahti
Learning Centre

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