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High-End Quality Video Production – Innovation Sales Course

Producing “Netflix standard” quality videos for educational content.
Professor Parvinen talking.

Pilot leader

Olli-Pekka Mutanen
Yulia Guseva


School of Science




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At the moment, all high quality online & blended learning courses are currently missing in Aalto, although increasingly emerging in other domains (than needed here) around the world. Big share of our existing  educational content (videos), although having good coverage and valid content, from the students’ point of view are not optimally engaging and in the worst case even boring for them to follow.

In this pilot, we prose to take the first steps to learn how to get started in solving this challenge in a UNIVERSITY environment that currently seems to limit the learning of the targeted modern new generation students.

In this pilot we are aiming at producing a part of the Innovation Sales course by prof. Parvinen with an outstanding quality of the close-to “Netflix standard”. The goal is to transform a part of the contents into something unique and reach the level of the quality that has not been common in the world of academic teaching (although starting to emerge outside of it). We would like to take this pilot as an experiment to measure how students will react to such a format of an online course and to see if this format will make them more engaged and interested and if it will positively affect the results of an overall learning as well.

The benchmark for our course is The Frank Gehry’s architecture and design master class, which is probably one of the best courses available worldwide in terms of the quality.

The implementation of this online course can be a (1) benchmark for the upcoming online education productions for Aalto, and also (2) contribute to running smoother video production processes in Aalto Online Learning.

Platforms and tools

Video production is done with a production crew consisting of 10 people.


Olli-Pekka Mutanen
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Pilot leader

Yulia Guseva
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Petri Parvinen
Domain expert & presenter

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