Pilot case

Academic Skills in Master’s Studies

Creating and testing online solutions for a course with no common contact teaching and a thousand moving parts.
Academic Skills in Master’s Studies

Pilot leader

Keijo Nikoskinen
Jenni Tulensalo


School of Electrical Engineering


190 students


May 2018 – May 2019


The Academic Skills in Master’s Studies course is completed mainly through individual assignments and online exercises. A part of the course consists of optional content: students choose exercise entities according to their interest. This set-up creates challenges for both the student’s course experience and for the management of the course. Therefore the goal of the pilot is two-fold:

  1. to test different tools and activites for reaching the learning objetives through online means and to create a pleasant online exercise experiences to students in specific items connected to the overall goals and content of the course,
  2. to ensure a coherent course workspace in order for students to experience the course as a whole.

From a course staff perspective the goal of the pilot is to create a workspace that enables a smooth course management and management of other activites (such as academic advising) connected to the course.

Platforms and tools

A variety of Moodle activities are used and tested.

Pedagogical methods

We use online exercise entities where materials and students’ own contribution is all available and collected online, online book groups (workshop tool), Quiz-activities.

Involved courses

ELEC-E0110 – Academic skills in master’s studies (3 ECTS)


Professor Keijo Nikoskinen
School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering
Pilot leader

Jenni Tulensalo
Learning Services, Dean’s Unit of the School of Electrical Engineering
Pilot leader, Planning Officer

Jari Holopainen
University lecturer

Paula Sjöblom
Study Psychologist

Eeva Halonen
Planning officer

Mika Nupponen
Study coordinator

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