Pilot case

Biology meets Mechatronics

Creating a blended learning curriculum for multidisciplinary projects and experimentation in the laboratory.
Biology meets Mechatronics

Pilot leader

Katrina Nordström
Panu Kiviluoma


School of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering


64 students


Jan 2016 – Dec 2016


At the core of this pilot is the development and use of blended learning, where on-line learning is ingrained into hands -on learning in multidisciplinary projects and experimentation in the laboratory. The pilot will be built by utilizing two courses in the curriculum; CHEM-E3225 Cell and Tissue Engineering and KON-C3003 Mechatronics exercises. During 2017-2018 elements from ELEC, SCI, ARTS and BIZ can be added.

The goals are to

  1. Enable students to be co-creators of their own learning, developing dicisplinary and multidiciplinary knowledge and skills,
  2. Find/develop and test tools that support
    • teaming up and project management in multidiciplinary environment
    • team instruction
    • continuous assessment of skills (including self and peer assessment)
    • reflective learning
    • online multiform documentation
  3. Create a library of biology – mechatronics projects work to enable teachers to use these as materials in ongoing and new courses
  4. Implement pioneering education according to Aalto strategy and development of teaching within the Aalto Health and Wellbeing platform

Involved courses

KON-C3003 – Mechatronics exercises (5 ECTS)
CHEM-E3225 – Cell and Tissue Engineering (5 ECTS)


Katrina Nordström
Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology
Pilot leader

Panu Kiviluoma
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Pilot leader

Tommi Lintilä

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