Pilot case

Digital Communication and Media

Making online material for the Digital Communication and Media course.
Digital Communication and Media

Pilot leader

Merja Porttikivi


School of Business


2018 –


Goal of this pilot is to have all material of the “Digital Communication and Media” course online, including (at least few) video lectures and accompanying assignments. This means that the contact hours of teaching (24-28 h) can be used for face-to-face discussions on the course themes, as well as instructing, sparring and facilitating the group and individual project work. This will render more co-learning, giving and receiving intermediary feedback.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses, videos, online game platforms, online (peer) evaluation

Involved courses

A71C03000 – Digitaalinen viestintä ja media (6 ECTS)


Merja Porttikivi
School of Business, Organizational Communication
Pilot Leader

Marjatta Majapuro
School of Business, Organizational Communication

Miia Rosenberg
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