Pilot case

Enhanced Computer Networks course

Converting the Computer Networks course from a traditional lecture course into a blended format.
Enhanced Computer Networks course

Pilot leader

Pasi Sarolahti


School of Electrical Engineering


June 2016 – Dec 2016


This pilots aims at converting the Computer Networks course from traditional lecture course into a blended format where material and exercises are available as online interactive material. The pilot will use TIM as the underlying platform, and develops enhancements to TIM to enable support functionalities needed in the course.

Three types of exercises should be implemented for the course :

  1. Quick questions that are automatically checked and graded by the web platform. These involve computation tasks and short investigation questions that have specific and short answers. The questions have individually chosen random parameters, so that students can not just copy the answers from a friend.
  2. Essay questions that are checked and graded by course personnel, using the web platform.
  3. Network programming tasks using TCP/IP sockets communicating to the Internet. The programming tasks are done in C language and checked automatically based on the tools developed in the programming pilot, also part of the A!OLE project.

The pilot is also aiming at activating the students in engaging in various kinds of small exercises, and to help in getting hands-on familiarity on computer networks through the exercises.

Involved courses

ELEC-C7241 – Tietokoneverkot (5 ECTS)


Pasi Sarolahti
School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communications and Networking
Pilot leader

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