Pilot case

Innovating in Aalto

Online videos and materials for engaging learning of research commercialization in Aalto University.
Innovating in Aalto

Pilot leader

Janne Halme


School of Science


June 2019 – Dec 2019


The pilot aims for supporting Aalto students and researchers engagement in the learning about the principles, steps and support ecosystem for commercializing research results in Aalto University.

Last autumn a new course “PHYS-EV – Advanced materials commercialization for scientists and entrepreneurs” was piloted which was targeted to the whole Aalto community. The course got good feedback, however, reaching and attracting a larger audience was challenging. Online materials that would get students and researchers interested and engaged to learn more, and would be available at all times for independent learning, could raise the awareness and professional knowhow on the research commercialization in Aalto and in general.

Aalto Innovation Services cover some ground with their “Researchers practical guide to IP”, however, video format or other online learning tools could be more approachable and engaging. How not only inform the students and researchers more effectively, but also reach and inspire larger audience about opportunities and support for innovation in Aalto is a challenge.

The purpose of this pilot is to create effective and inspiring self-learning material about the key knowledge, skills and steps in commercializing research results.

Involved courses

The online material will support a new course designed for autumn 2019. The materials could be also used to support innovation and entrepreneurial education integrated in different technical courses in Aalto.


Janne Halme
School of Science, Department of Applied Physics
Pilot leader

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