Pilot case

Smart Mobility Education Hub

The pilot's target is to create simulation tools that can be used in education.
Smart Mobility Education Hub

Pilot leader

Vesa Hirvisalo


School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, School of Science


20 students


June 2019 – Dec 2019


The goal of the project is to make simulation tools more usable for education. Typically current tools need separate installation and often dedicated machines. Instead of that, we target utilizing shared resources (cloud computing). Thus the pilot has a “Simulation as a Service” type approach.

Platforms and tools

The pilot uses traffic and vehicle simulation tools as the area of smart mobility involves education on mobility as a service, intelligent transportation systems, etc.

Pedagogical methods

The main approach for the pilot is using cloud native technologies. In the longer run, the target is to enable compatibility with online educational systems used by Aalto.

Involved courses

CSE5460 – Project in Embedded Systems (5 ECTS)


Vesa Hirvisalo
School of Science, Department of Computer Science
Pilot leader

Kari Tammi
School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Member in Smart Mobility Group

Yu Xiao
School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communication and Networking
Member in Smart Mobility Group


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