Pilot case

Joint Pilot for Smart Assessment

Developing an open source implementation for a service oriented e-learning system.
Joint Pilot for Smart Assessment

Pilot leader

Ari Korhonen
Antti Karttunen


School of Chemical Engineering, School of Science


over 700 students


Mar 2018 –


We develop an open source implementation for a service oriented e-learning system, which utilizes external services for supporting a wide range of learning content and also offers a REST API for external clients to fetch information stored in the system. In addition, we develop course content and automatic assessment for programming courses.

Platforms and tools


In Aalto CHEM:
CodeRunner code assessment tool incorporated in MyCourses learning platform (http://coderunner.org.nz/).
DoSAS – Detection Of Student Assignment Similarity: In-house tool developed at Aalto CHEM during the current A!OLE pilot. Integrated with CodeRunner, enables the assessment of similarities in student coding assignments.

Involved courses

CS-A1111 – Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Y1 (5 ECTS)
CS-A1120 – Ohjelmointi 2 (5 ECTS)
CS-A1130 – Tietotekniikka sovelluksissa (5 ECTS)
CS-A1140 – Tietorakenteet ja algoritmit (5 ECTS)
CS-A1141 – Tietorakenteet ja algoritmit Y (5 ECTS)
CS-A1150 – Tietokannat (5 ECTS)
CS-C2110 – Ohjelmointistudio 1: mediaohjelmointi (5 ECTS)
CS-C3170 – Web Software Development (5 ECTS)
CS-E3220 – Declarative Programming (5 ECTS)
CS-E4800 – Artificial Intelligence (5 ECTS)
CHEM-A2600 – Programming for Chemical Engineers (5 ECTS)


Ari Korhonen
School of Science, Department of Computer Science
Pilot Leader

Antti Karttunen
School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Materials Science
Pilot Leader

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