Pilot case

Mixed Reality Classroom

Introducing the possibilities of VR in education to the Aalto community.
Mixed Reality Classroom

Pilot leader

Valeria Gryada




Sept 2018 – Dec 2018


Virtual Reality is expected to be widely used in education within the next 5 years (2018 NMC Horizon Report). To prepare for that, we organized the VR Hub – the place to start your journey to integrating VR in education. 80% of our community are students, 10% teachers/researchers, and the remaining 10% come from the VR field outside Aalto University. Everyone is welcome to join!

We offer: 

  • Premises and equipment at the Learning Center in Otaniemi
  • Weekly themed training sessions and consultations available to students, teachers, and general public free of charge
  • Tutor/service personnel available by appointment, especially to Aalto University teachers

Platforms and tools

HTC Vive, Steam

Pedagogical methods

Interactive sessions exploring different aspects and applications of VR.


Valeria Gryada
Learning Centre
Pilot Leader

Eero Tiainen
VR Doctor and the mastermind behind the content of the VR Hub training sessions

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