Pilot case

Learning Design Workflows for Online Learning

Developing and modelling teacher workflows for online learning design.
Learning Design Workflows for Online Learning

Pilot leader

Akseli Huhtanen


Other, School of Electrical Engineering


Sep 2020 – Apr 2021


This projects aims to build a workflow for designing online learning, that could be used by any teacher across Aalto university when preparing online teaching. The learning design workflow would include two parts: 1) guidelines or a model for a process of designing new or developing existing online courses, and 2) worksheets that help structure the process.

The project is based on previously developed and tested FITech Learning Design Toolkit. This project would simplify the existing Toolkit and redesign a workflow that actually fits into a teachers everyday routine. The goal is to provide a means that reduces teachers workflow while helping to address the needs of genuine learning in online settings.

The workflow to be developed is not necessarily digital or physical in itself, but a guideline of which steps to take and which viewpoints to consider while starting any online learning development.

Rather than a specific solution or activity for a specific teaching need, this project aims to help teachers on a meta-level: Provide tools for planning and designing the course, rather than tools for teaching.

These tools would help the teacher to focus on the most important aspects, structure the course easily and all in all lower the threshold of creating online courses.

Platforms and tools

We are developing a new workflow, not necessarily using any specific platform.

Pedagogical methods

Approach of learning design.

Involved courses

The aim is to develop a concept blueprint and a workflow model for online learning design. The developent is not aimed towards a single course.


Akseli Huhtanen
Pilot leader

Salu Ylirisku
School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering
Thesis supervisor

Anouar Belahcen
School of Electrical Engineering, Department of  Electrical Engineering and Automation
Thesis supervisor


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