Pilot case

Playable Concepts 2

Developing a platform of tiny educational games.
Text: Playable Concept

Pilot leader

Annakaisa Kultima


School of Arts Design and Architecture


Oct 2020 – May 2021


What if instead of pictures, tables, and charts, research or articles would use small embedded interactive games?

In this pilot, we continue our work on creating a library of tiny educational games that would be embedded within written text, just like videos or images. We also run online workshops where teachers and researchers can create their own tiny games for educational purposes, to further explore the notion of embedded tiny games for communication.

Pedagogical methods

As part of the pilot, we are updating our website with tutorials, moddable games and educational content for teachers and researchers to use, as well as creating online workshops for Aalto staff, researchers, doctoral students and other members of the A!OLE community.

Tutorials for game making are available on the project website: https://playableconcepts.aalto.fi/tutorials/

Involved courses

Online workshops will be held during Spring 2021.


Annakaisa Kultima
School of Art, Design and Architecture, Medialab
Pilot leader

Solip Park
School of Art, Design and Architecture, Medialab
Doctoral Student

Christina Lassheikki
School of Art, Design and Architecture, Medialab
Research Assistant

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