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MyCourses tools for e-learning

Introducing digital learning tools for specialized Master level quantitative courses at Business School.
MyCourses tools for e-learning

Pilot leader

Tomi Seppälä
Päivi Kinnunen


School of Business


Around 80 students yearly


Dec 2017 –


We analyzed and introduced suitable MyCourses e-learning tools to improve understanding of taught material in challenging quantitative courses at Business School. In particular, we created a system of quizzes with questions covering both the theoretical and practical sides of the courses. The quizzes are offered students for completion in combination with home assignments. This way we ensure that students review the basics of theoretical material required for the completion of the corresponding home assignment. In addition, we offer exam preparation quizzes in the end of the course. We created over 150 questions of different types for the Simulation course (30E00400) and over 65 questions for the Times Series Analysis course (30E00800) presented in multiple quizzes.

The introduction of quizzes and questionnaires should help to streamline the learning processes and improve understanding of taught topics. On the other hand, it helps to develop commitment of students to the course and reveal students who are not interested in taking the course. So that we would see more consistent performance and higher attendance rates among the students.

Finally, significant amounts of data are automatically collected on students’ activity during the semester with the help of aforementioned tools. Such data can be subsequently used to analyze which topics could be the most challenging/interesting to students. It can help to reveal how students’ background and commitment throughout the semester affect the exam grades and the overall course performance.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses tools:

  • Quizzes
  • Questionnaires
  • Feedback
  • Electronic attendance

Pedagogical methods

We introduced gradually to the courses the aforementioned MyCourses tools first as a beta versions and tracked the students’ feedback. Since academic year 2018-2019, we are using quizzes and electronic attendance already as an essential part of the learning/teaching processes.

Involved courses

30E00800 – Time Series Analysis (6 ECTS)
30E00400 – Simulation (6 ECTS)


Tomi Seppälä
Department of Information and Service Management, School of Business
Pilot leader

Päivi Kinnunen
Learning Services
Pilot leader

Andrei Vedernikov
Department of Information and Service Management, School of Business

Tai T. Nguyen

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