Pilot case

Supplementary video material to a teaching case on Telco AI

Incorporating video material to a teaching case on Telco AI helps students understand the background of the case.
Telco AI platform showcased on a smart phone platform.

Pilot leader

Esko Penttinen


School of Business


60 students


Fall 2018 – Mar 2019


During the pilot, we produced video material to be included as supplementary material to a teaching case on Telco AI, which is an artificial intelligence solution by Nokia. The video material helps students better undestand the background of the teaching case as well as see the actual user interface and functionalities of the Telco AI solution. The video will be made online so that teachers who want to use the teaching case can incorporate the video material as part of the learning experience. The ultimate goal of the teaching case is to get it published in a premier outlet for teaching cases. The case is currently being offered to the Harvard Business School teaching case series.

Involved courses

37E00200 – Strategic Information Technology Management (6 ECTS)


Esko Penttinen
Aalto School of Business, Information and Service Management, Information Systems Science
Pilot leader

Tapani Rinta-Kahila
University of Queensland

Kalle Lyytinen
Case Western Reserve University

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