Pilot case

Online learning diary

Implementing an online peer assessment system for learning diaries.
Online learning diary

Pilot leader

Anne Lähteenmäki


School of Electrical Engineering


65 students


June 2016 – Jan 2017


To make both writing and assessing a large number of learning diaries easier, we design an online learning diary setup that combines various types of learning diaries and questionnaires. Using the web-based setup, the teacher can choose whether to use only questionnaires, structured learning diaries, free-format learning diaries, or any combination of these, depending on the requirements of the course or a single particular task.

To decrease the workload of the teachers, student self and peer assessment is used for assessment and feedback of the learning diaries. However, a peer assessment system that is versatile and as highly automatic as possible does not at the moment exist in Aalto. We intend to accomplish this by combining the capabilities of MyCourses and Rubyric, and also by creating new features such as automatic grade transfer between the two platforms.

In addition, a way to express and measure reflective thinking of the students without excessive writing and reading is also sought, while maintaining the versatility of reflection and without doing the thinking on behalf of the students.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses, Rubyric

Pedagogical methods

Questionnaires, structured learning diaries, free-format learning diaries

Involved courses

ELEC-A4390 – Astronomical View of the World (3 ECTS)


Anne Lähteenmäki
School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Radio Science and Engineering
Pilot leader

Joni Tammi
School of Electrical Engineering, Director of Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Simo Homanen
Research Assistent

Tapio Auvinen
Rubyric advisor

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