Pilot case

Online Mechanics

Creating a hands-on guide for teachers for using STACK in Aalto's MyCourses environment.
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Pilot leader

Anssi Karttunen


School of Engineering


142 students


Mar 2016 – Dec 2016


Goal of this pilot is to create a hands-on guide for teachers for using STACK in Aalto’s MyCourses environment. The guide includes a short description of STACK and user requirements (elementary LaTex and Maxima skills) and focuses on a simple math example that elucidates the key features of STACK. It also elaborates activation and grading of STACK assignments in MyCourses.

Involved courses

KJR-C1001 – Statics and dynamics (5 ECTS)


Anssi Karttunen
School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Pilot leader

Susanna Hurme

Juha Hartikainen

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