Pilot case

Reach-Out Project Videos

Introducing real-life project problems and solutions through video-based stories.
Reach-Out Project Videos

Pilot leader

Karlos Artto


School of Science


70 students


May 2018 –


Reach-Out Project Videos aims to produce videos on real-life projects. Videos are used to enable new teaching approaches in the courses about projects in Aalto such as Advanced Project-based Management (APM), Project Business, Projektien suunnittelu ja ohjaus and FITech’s APM courses.

Videos aim to introduce real-life project problems and solutions to students. Get interviews from experienced managers and their experiences in projects and advices. Record debates about contrasting management approaches of experienced managers. Put students in problem solving situations based on real-life cases. Video-based stories about successes and challenging episodes in projects.

Projects and managers from various industries are recorded to capture variety of management methods and situations. Examples of industries are shipbuilding, software development, energy system projects and transportation.

We aim to use these videos and their further development in teaching in Aalto’s courses, in FITech courses, and in those FITech universities (TUT, Oulu, ÅA) which participate in the pedagogic development of these video contents.

Involved courses

TU-E2030 – Advanced Project-based Management (5 ECTS)
TU-E2120 – Project Business (5 ECTS)


Karlos Artto
School of Science, Department of Industrial engineering and Management
Pilot leader

Yulia Guseva

Tom Olsson
School of Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Project Business Research Group
Script Neste

Juri Matinheikki
School of Business

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