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Research Based E‐Learning: Introduction To Marketing Management ‐course

Creating online material for the course and develop course so that it is based on the idea of research based E-learning.
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Pilot leader

Sami Kajalo
Linda Turunen


School of Business


420 students


2020 – 2021


The first goal is to transform the course so that students learn more and are motivated to participate actively to their learning process. The second goal is to transform the course so that teaching it becomes interesting task.

These two goals can be met by changing the course to ‘Research Based E-learning Course”. There students learn interesting up-to-date knowledge and skills by studying recent research on interesting themes and then conducting research on those themselves. In practise this is done by conducting a survey about consumer attitudes and their impact on some currently hot topics in the field of marketing and consumer behaviour.

In the project also online videos teaching the course contents are produced.

Platforms and tools

We plan to use several tools to incorporate Research Based E-learning to the course. These include teaching students how to do Online surveys with Webropol service and analyze the data with SPSS software. As platform for the course we use Aalto MyCourses. The material (webpage/powerpoint-slides) will guide the students through following steps:

1) Journal articles, library databases. Evaluating the quality of journals (journal quality

sources) and individual article (number of citations)

2) Research process (research idea, literature review, theory, data, methods and

conclusions). This has to done mainly by creating webpage/powerpoint-slides

3) Research design and data collection (in our case online survey, instructions for

using Webropol-survey platform).

4) Analysis of survey data. Here we need instructions (webpage/powerpoints) for

doing analysis with SPSS-software

Overall, the target is to create online material (Webpage/slides) which guide the students how to learn by finding and using original research material (journal-articles) and creating new knowledge with help of previous research.

Pedagogical methods

The main pedagogical idea of the plan is to put the student and learning to the center and focus on guiding/coaching the student to learn through active learning.

Involved courses

23A00110 – Introduction to Marketing Management (6 ECTS)
A23A00110 – Introduction to Marketing Management (6 ECTS)


Sami Kajalo
School of Business, Department of Marketing
Pilot leader

Linda Turunen
School of Business, Department of Organization and Management
Pilot leader

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