Pilot case

Self-reflection tool for language courses

Documenting students' learning path to support learner agency on language courses.
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Pilot leader

Riina Seppälä


Language Centre


60 students


Sep 2020 – Dec 2020


In order to enhance learners’ agency and ability for life-learning, their self-reflection should be supported on language courses. Learners should take responsibility for monitoring their own learning and setting and revising their learning goals as the course proceeds. This could be supported by documenting important steps and milestones in learning with appropriate reflection tasks. An ideal online tool would also make learners’ own learning paths explicit to themselves. The starting point for the project is the three-point model for reflection at different stages of the course that I have utilised in my previous courses. However, an ideal implementation using e.g. MyCourses tools has not yet been found. Developing this idea and finding the best possible tool would be the focus of the project.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses – existing MyCourses tools or potentially new ones which could be embedded in MyCourses.

Pedagogical methods

Appropriate online tools are used to spark reflection at key stages of the course and to document students’ learning path.


Riina Seppälä
Language Centre
Pilot leader

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