Pilot case

Kommunicera som expert

Creating multimodal material for the new course "Kommunicera som expert", designed for students with Swedish as first langauge and bilingual Finnish-Swedish speakers in all Aalto schools.
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Pilot leader

Sofia Sevón


Language Centre


Spring 2020 – Dec 2020


The aim is to create a variety of online course material for the course Kommunicera som expert. The course is module based, which means that students can pick and choose between different topics and themes, such as communication as a leader, negotiation, translation, report writing, communicating research, informative documents, presentations and storytelling.  Since communication in working life today is multimodual, with videos, pictures, diagrams etc. combined with text and speech, it needs to be reflected in the course material. Therefore the aim is to add videos and other visual material to the textbased information and instructions.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses, Panopto, Google Forms, Zoom

Pedagogical methods

The course is multifunctional, meaning that it is offered as contact teaching once a year, but also as a self study course anytime during the academic year. A fundamental idea is that students can choose content (modules) that best suits their needs, and also ways of performing assignments, for example orally or in written form. Students will be encouraged to practice many of the vast forms of communication used in working life today. This variety needs to be reflected in the teacher produced course material.

Involved courses

LC-5000 – Kommunicera som expert


Sofia Sevón
Language Centre
Pilot leader

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