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Supporting students' independent practice in Swedish through online material.
Träna svenska

Pilot leader

Isabella Fröjdman


Language Centre


280 students


Sept 2016 – Dec 2016


In Swedish we offer a course, LC-5411, meant for those students who didn’t perform very well in the level test.

These Students need additional exercises and a lot of repetition. It is crucial to practise structures and it is in line with the “learning a language is building a house – the foundation needs to be stable in order to sustain the building” –concept. The structure exercises on the MyCourses platform are meant to be completed alongside the course, preferably in the beginning of it. This way the exercises are as beneficial as possible. The purpose is that independently practising structures during the course also supports the work of the teacher as he/she thus is able to teach even more diversely.

Since the structure exercises are carried out during the course, students have the possibility to receive assistance from the teacher. Various structures are also rehearsed, which helps students with the exercises. The teacher can for his/her part follow the students’ working, assist with tricky structures and keep track of the progress in general. This allows the teacher to continuously be up to date and adjust the teaching according to the students’ level.

The exercises are designed to be simple and unambiguous so that students are able to focus on the essentials. The purpose of the exercises is to practice basic structures. Students will thus be more confident as they proceed in their language studies and finally reach the level required at university. Once students master the structures, they will feel more at ease and have an easier time speaking, reading, understanding and writing Swedish. During the lessons vocabulary will be rehearsed but only when students have a proper command of the structures, they can begin formulating grammatically correct and understandable sentences.

I will continuously collect feedback from students. Based on this feedback structure exercises may be revised in order for them to serve the students’ needs as well as possible. If students find this independent form of practise useful, we can expand this format into a complete independent course. The course could comprise of a grammar part (slides and speech), reading comprehension, listening exercises and other various assignments.

I am member in a NORDPLUS-project where the collaborating parties are Aalto-University, KTH (Stockholm) and Islands University (Reykjavik). This A!OLE pilot is also a part of this collaboration and we are planning to expand so that students and teachers in all these three countries and even more worldwide can benefit from the collaboration. Through this pilot/collaboration students can also network.  One of our main interests is blended learning and we have already had one international webinar. Please feel free to visit our digital room http://www.blendingswedish.se/

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LC-5411 – Tekniikan alan ruotsia perusteellisesti (4 ECTS)


Isabella Fröjdman
Language Centre
Pilot leader

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