Pilot case

Web based Aalto ARTS workshop inductions

Introducing students to the ARTS workshops through web based courses.
Web based Aalto ARTS workshop inductions

Pilot leader

Tapio Koskinen
Antti Huittinen


School of Arts Design and Architecture


June 2017 – Dec 2018


The upcoming move to Otaniemi from Arabia collects most of the Aalto ARTS workshops into new Väre campus building. The workshop floor will be the busy heart of many disciplines to meet and to work together and to see the ideas of others materializing. Aalto ARTS workshop inductions offer captivating and informative, media rich web based courses for introducing and using the numerous ARTS workshops like wood-, metal- and textile workshops or photography studio and many more.

Courses aim to:

  • Increase user volume. The user has a good understanding of the function already when contacting staff.
  • Improve user safety. One can see and hear working methods more clearly from well scripted and directed videos than in real life in a group. Videos also make it possible to rewind and replay.
  • Enable new pedagogical methods for teaching in person. Flipped workshop in action.
  • Improve the quality of learned skills. More time for teaching more advanced techniques is freed for use.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses, Panopto, Vizor.io, 360° photography, Arilyn AR

Pedagogical methods

  • Online introduction to workshop spaces, equipment, rules and instructions enabling “flipped classroom” learning onsite.
  • Use of multi media learning materials; Text, video, illustrations, augmented reality and VR tours, will both engage and also serve needs of different learners.

Involved courses

TAI-E3122 – Biofilia ABC Introduction
Photography Studio E001
MMK4 Construction Workshop: Basics
MMK4 Wood Workshop Licence
MMK4 Metal Workshop Licence
Väre Wood Workshop Licence
Väre Metal Workshop Licence
Digital textile printing workshop
Knitting Workshop Licence
Weaving Workshop Licence
Sewing Workshop Licence
Textile printing Workshop Licence
Pattern Making Workshop Licence
Printlab ABC Introduction
Mechatronics Workshop Licence
Printmaking Workshop Licence
Proto Workshop Licence

Set of introductory courses for using the Aalto ARTS Infra workshops.
Set of pedagogical flipped classroom inspired tools for workshop masters.
Set of instructional AR and/or gamification based tools for assisted DIY working at selected ARTS workshops.


Tapio Koskinen
Head of Infrastructures for Learning and Research at ARTS
Pilot leader

Antti Huittinen
Aalto ARTS Infra, Application Designer
Pilot leader

Martti Raevaara
E-pedagogical advisor

Team of ARTS workshop masters

Steering group of five academic faculty members of ARTS

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