Introducing our 2019 pilots

Aalto Online Learning
Stabilo markers, crayons and post-its spread on the table with a colorful text mindmap on the background.

Since our last Call for Idea Proposals in October 2018, we have selected a batch of new pilots to the Aalto Online Learning community. These new pilots–15 in total–started to work on their topics now in February 2019. Read further and learn about our new pilots!

Our new pilots include both entirely new pilots and pilots that are continuing from last year with a new phase. Nine new pilots started to work on topics ranging from virtualizing laboratory education to redesigning a design research course. In addition, six of our previous pilots are continuing with the same topics, starting a new implementation phase in their pilots.

Many of the pilots in this batch affect multiple courses in Aalto University. Therefore, the number of courses that these pilots affect is much larger than 15, the number of the pilots. This emphasises the impact the pilots will have on the education at Aalto. For example, one of our new pilots, Laboratory education virtualization (LABOVIR), is developing a virtualization platform for laboratory education. This pilot will have an effect on laboratory safety courses that are taken by all students in the School of Chemical Engineering.

Below you can find a full list of our new pilots. We will be adding links to the pilots’ pages later on. By clicking the links, you can learn more about the pilots. You can also browse our pilots on our pilot page.

New pilots:

  • Aalto Basic statistics online course development – Creating an effective online platform for learning, understanding and recalling the fundamental statistical concepts and techniques needed in University level.
  • VR Hub
  • BioA!apinen – Transforming the contents of Bioaapinen-project into the selected bachelor’s and master’s courses through an on-line learning platform.
  • Laboratory education virtualization (LABOVIR) – Developing an open laboratory education virtualization platform
  • Smart Mobility Education Hub
  • EDUROCK – Educational Virtual Rock Collection
  • Redesigning Design Research course using blended learning – Completely redesigning a course using blended learning following a degree program restructure based on student feedback from previous years which indicated that there was a need for experiential learning on top of learning theory.
  • Aalto University Language Centre for 2019
  • What’s next – strategies for employing emergent technologies

Continuing pilots:

  • Biz math – Introducing digital learning tools for specialized Master level quantitative courses at Business School.
  • CADMOOC – Aiming to develop a new approach to CAD education (Computer Aided Design)
  • MEX-Online 
  • IDBM Blended Minor – Creating a fully-fledged IDBM blended minor combining IDBM’s rich history in active, multidisciplinary teaching with contemporary digital tools
  • Dynamic Course and Programme Level Feedback System – Prototyping and testing a system that allows more dynamic feedback exchange between teachers and students
  • Vikaa 2 

Are you interested in getting your own pilot? Our next Call for Idea Proposals deadline is in March!